Prices and Specifications iPhone 5

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Already know the price and specifications of the iPhone 5? directly discussed only once ya.

Only the iPhone has had its day 5 or the new generation iPhone will be announced by the Apple. At the end of waiting iPhone 5, there is news saying that the specifications of the iPhone 5 has been widely circulated among other

  • 5 capacity of 32 GB iPhone
  • U.S. $ 639 or about USD 5.8 million.
  • 4 inches for the screen
  • For 4G Network
  • and 8 Megapixel resolution camera

Super Smartphone is not it? but Is it true that Apple has started leaking iPhone 5 to multiple operators?

Prices and specifications iPhone 5

Everything is still a question mark until Apple actually announces their new iPhone 5 generations. but everything new will be revealed Tuesday on Apple's official events.


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