Firefox Password Viewer 3.0

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A tool to recover passwords stored in Firefox. As in other browsers, Firefox stores the username and password for each site visited by the user, with the consent of the user. All these data are stored in a database in Firefox reliably encrypted. This application may make an instantaneous decoding and reconstruction of these secrets, even if it protects the master password.

The program also can be used to recover passwords from another profile, as well as with other operating systems (eg Mac, Linux, etc.). This is a completely portable tool that works on a wide range of platforms, from Windows XP to Windows 7.

- Instant recovery of passwords and decryption are stored in encrypted form for all versions of Firefox.
- Supports password recovery from the local system and remote system. The user can specify the location of Firefox profile from the remote system to recover passwords.
- You can recover passwords Firefox, even when they are protected by master password if the user enters the correct master password.
- Automatically detects the location of the profile of the installed version of Firefox.
- Passwords are not displayed by default for security reasons. However, you can change this behavior by using the "Show password".
- In case of password, user name, password, and a website on the display.
- You can sort the displayed list of passwords for user name, password or site.
- You can save recovered passwords in the HTML-file.



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