iPhone 4S is still under Samsung Galaxy S II

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Some smartphone users in the UK are still waiting for the iPhone 4S, because some stocks this week from the Apple smartphone is rare in Britain. Obviously this led to Apple's dominance can not beat the sales of smartphones from Samsung and had to settle for putting the iPhone 4S in the second position.

Samsung Galaxy S II is still a champion in England and became a best-selling smart phones. This smart phone from South Korea to maintain its position in the top-selling mobile phones in the UK for a month in a row.

While Nokia Lumia new entrants in the UK can not beat the dominance of the Galaxy S II and Nokia had to settle for sixth. While Samsung has other phones that dominate the UK market since November, the Galaxy Ace in the third position. Note While the Galaxy and Galaxy Nexus (Ice Cream Sandwich Android phone first) was seventh and eighth.


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