Rising PC Doctor Full + Serial Key

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Rising PC Doctor Full + Serial Key - The program protects against all types of viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits and other malware your computer. With it, you greatly increase your computer security and protection from malware and cyber threats.

The program has seven key features: automatic malware analysis, immunization of storage devices USB, protection against malicious websites, the ability to restore Windows and Internet Explorer, detection and blocking Trojans, Internet Explorer protection and Trojan Download lock. The program is designed so that detects most trojans, as well as many other malicious programs before they run on your computer. This greatly enhances the ability of Windows to fight malware. After launch, many viruses download and install on your computer other malicious programs. Describes the application ensures that running virus will be blocked and will not be able to download other viruses. The program has the ability to automatically scan your computer for unknown malware, detecting and blocking.



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