K-Lite Codec Pack 8.3.0 Mega + 64-bit 5.8.0

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K-Lite Codec Pack 8.3.0 Mega + 64-bit 5.8.0  in various versions contains all the most popular codecs for playback and video encoding (except for the version of Basic). QuickTime Alternative and Real Alternative are additional packages in order to play the respective formats and contain the main components of the official players. K-Lite Mega Codec Pack includes the last two packages and a complete set of codecs from a version of Full. All options included a powerful alternative media player Media Player Classic.

Compare versions of the package:
• K-Lite Codec Pack Basic - contains all you need to play most common video files such as AVI, MKV, MP4, OGM, and FLV. This package is the smallest.
• K-Lite Codec Pack Standard - has everything to play most media files. This package will be sufficient for the average user.
• K-Lite Codec Pack Full - except for codecs, filters and tools that are standard also contains all the necessary things for encoding video and audio. It may be useful for advanced users and professionals.
• K-Lite Codec Pack Corporate - special version for use in a corporate environment. It contains almost everything the full version. It has a strong focus on software and open source software (Open Source).
• K-Lite Mega Codec Pack - This version of the package contains all the codecs and programs that are included in the full version, plus QuickTime Alternative and Real Alternative.

Features of the package:
"The latest versions of the best codecs
"All the components are chosen so that there were no conflicts between them
"Installation is very simple, if you wish, you can choose only those codecs, and tools that you really need
"Any time you can completely or partially remove the package, leaving at the same time, no trace of his stay, including Keys Registry
"Each version of the package carefully tested for possible conflicts between codecs and other programs
»K-Lite Codec Pack is trying to avoid problems between the new and already installed codecs on your computer, and can even solve some of the existing

Changes in K-Lite Codec Pack 8.3.0 Mega:
- Updated Media Player Classic Home Cinema to version
- Updated ffdshow to version 1.1.4307
- Updated LAV Filters to version 0.45 build 2012-02-06
- Added madVR 0.80
- Updated Codec Tweak Tool to version 5.1.4
- Replaced GraphStudio with GraphStudioNext

Download K-Lite Codec Pack 8.3.0 Mega
Download  K-Lite Codec Pack 5.8.0 x64


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