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Skype + Business Edition - is a simple freeware program with which you can make free calls to all corners of the world. Skype was created by the authors KaZaa. Skype network is based on advanced P2P (peer-to-peer) technology. Voice quality is very good. In addition to superior voice quality, Skype gives maximum privacy - all communication between clients is encrypted and can not be intercepted. And most importantly, Skype does not require reconfiguring your firewall or router - it just works! In addition, the program allows you to communicate using short text messages. Also in the program there is the possibility to carry out videkonferentsii. Built-in video support lets you see a window with the image of the interlocutor or the operating window of Skype, or in a separate window, and even in full screen mode.

Business version (with MSI-installer)
This is a business version of Skype.
It includes the same features as the standard version, but it is composed of the installer Windows (file. MSI), which simplifies the installation of Skype on all computers in the company.
Includes installer Windows.
Simplified installation on multiple computers in the office.
Enhanced management for system administrators.

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