Parted Magic 2012.04.21

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Parted Magic - a suite of tools to work with hard disk-based bootable CD Linux. Allows you to perform various operations on partitions and supports a large number of file systems.

In the Parted Magic includes the following programs:
- GParted - partition editor;
- Partition Image - a tool for working with disk images;
- TestDisk - a tool for restoring boot records;
- Fdisk, sfdisk - Partition table editor;
- Dosfstools - utility for creating and verifying the integrity of the partition FAT;
- Ntfsprogs - tools for working with NTFS.

To paint all of the programs included with this package is quite difficult, a lot of them, but some can be noted. The most important is probably the GParted - is responsible for directly editing the partitions on the tool it should be noted Partition Image - it can be easy to work with disk images of different formats, completely forgot about that TestDisk is also an important tool because it can be used to recover disk boot records, which sometimes can really save. Fdisk and sfdisk utility to know how to edit the partition tables, and using a small utility dosfstools can quickly check the integrity of the FAT partition, and of course it is worth noting ntfsprogs utility is working with partitions formatted as NTFS.

CRC32: 770f4d11
MD5: e2e03bf61a25d8622b64f1574f63b360
SHA-1: cce3148f049b8d4a6078f0343d56118c925367db

About the program:
Date: 2012
Language: English
OS: Linux
Medicine: not required
Size: 188 Mb


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